The first italian pig farm
100% antibiotic free
and sustainable.


Animal welfare
at the center

Our pigs are born in the green hills of Verona (Italy) and then grow in the latest generation farm in Pegognaga (MN): a complex full of innovative solutions for maximum animal comfort, environmental sustainability and renewable energy.

Innovation and environment

With the concept of “functional simplicity” we have created a unique structure in the world, with technological and innovative interventions for breeding.


Breeding on straw, air exchange,
natural light, large living spaces.

Functional architecture

Wide spaces, natural ventilation,
solid floor with thermal insulation.


Reduced emissions of odors and ammonia,
minimum energy consumption
thanks to photovoltaic and biogas plant.

Use of digestate as an organic fertilizer
and zero chemical fertilizers.


High quality meat,
breeding without antibiotics from birth,
tailor-made spaces for animal welfare.


Our main sources of energy come from the photovoltaic system built on top of the roofs of each pigsty, and from the biogas system, fed with the residues from the farm and from affiliated cattle sheds.

The biogas heats both specific areas of the farm (for example the weaning departments) and the operating offices of Piggly.

A formula of active microorganisms is sprayed in the stables to eliminate odors, flies, ammonia emissions, and to raise the levels of social sustainability.

From the biogas plant we obtain the digestate that we use as a 100% natural fertilizer on the land, eliminating chemical fertilizers.

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