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VIDEO | TG1 Morning News

Raiuno's Morning News reports on our virtuous model of circular economy and animal welfare. Piggly is a sustainable pig farm.
October 26, 2022/by amministratore

Piggly, the future of pig farming | from Italiapiù magazine

ITALIA PIÙ is a magazine of the Sole 24 ORE and tells about the most authoritative territorial realities of our country. In the June 2021 issue he talks about Piggly, the future of pig farming under the banner of antibiotic free and the circular economy.
June 28, 2021/by amministratore
Piggly | Pegognaga

Piggly, sustainability and animal welfare:”the environment rejoices, the market rewards”

MANTUA. The name, Piggly, is inspired by an american cartoon. Protagonist, of course, a cute little pig. At Piggly, however, we don’t joke at all, especially when it comes to sustainability and animal welfare. The company of Pegognaga, a 18 thousand pig farm that supplies the raw material for Prosciutto San Daniele DOP, has focused on renewable energy, circular economy and animal health from the beginning.
May 30, 2021/by amministratore
Piggly | Fattening pigs

VIDEO | National International Award of Confagricoltura: the interview

The excellent result of the antibiotic free method shows in a concrete way that the animal is well, because if it doesn’t need antibiotics it means that it feels good. But also the type of farm pleases the consumer because it’s a farm that looks good…
April 19, 2021/by amministratore
Fabio Rolfi visiting the Piggly company

VIDEO | The regional councilor Rolfi today during the visit at piggly today: the pig farming of the future is here now!

The National Innovation Award of Confagricoltura, recently won, highlighted even more the very high level of sustainability and innovation present within his company.
April 16, 2021/by amministratore
Piggly | Pegognaga

MINCIO E DINTORNI | The pig farming of the future can be found at the PIGGLY farm in Pegognaga (Italy)

The farm is part of the San Daniele Prosciutto DOP circuit, and the extreme innovation is also rewarded by the final consumer. The innovation starts from the bottom, from the structures: “The sheds were built with the help of an architect, another unusual thing in the field of pig farming”.
April 16, 2021/by amministratore